31 August 2011

Chile Stand Up! Two downloads from ex-Makiza members

A few weeks ago we were covering Chilean Hip-Hop on Planet Earth Planet Rap and in that show I mentioned how I have been a fan of a crew called Makiza for some time, as I played one Ana Tijoux track. After that I’ve come across a few free downloads from a few ex-Makiza members. Besides Ana Tijoux's Elefant mixtape which is really great (I honestly recommend this one a lot), also Seo2 (pronounced Seodos) tweeted that his whole album called Por Puro Amor Al Rap is available for free from his website. The links were a bit buggy, but in the end there was a reward as also this album sounds pretty great. Check out his music video above for the title track (which by the way isn't even nearly the best track of the album in my opinion), and if the download takes too long, go through his Souncloud archives. Here are all of the other necessary links:

Direct link to the album (.zip) (this one was a bit slow, but worth the wait)

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