31 August 2011

Home Sweet Home: six year old classic album

For some reason I got into listening to Kano's first album Home Sweet Home today. I tweeted about it and got in deeper in it. Then I posted a few videos on Google+ and that didn't make me stop listening to it either. It really is a great album with respectable variety of styles, sounds and moods. From grimy to upbeat and from reflective philosophising to love song within reason (such is Nite Nite). I have the album is still on so let me embed a video for the song that had a huge impact on me as soon as I heard it one morning from BBC 1Xtra when I was living in Birmingham. I will also link a few other ones which you can go and watch. 

It’s Kane man… let me explain man… What a classic album.

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thomas said...

i never get bored of Londown Town, 140 grime street and home sweet home. The last album, not so much.