22 August 2011

Planet Earth Planet Rap | UK Hip-Hop

This week’s Planet Earth Planet Rap is in audio format. It is radio after all. Our task was to uncover the UK Hip-Hop scene in a handful of minutes and as a big fan, it was a tough gig. Many amazing artists had to be left out this time as beside the time limitations, our angle was chosen on our behalf by the history. Originally we wanted to talk about multiculturalism from its cultural angle; to pay attention to the broad spectrum of influences which, when combined, are the sum of the scene. That is one of the things that really have always intrigued me. The Jamaican reggae and bashment vibes, punk and rock all the way to the various styles of electronic music as well as the African sounds have made the UK scene unique. The scene that only uses itself as its influence is pretty stagnant and boring and you can’t blame the UK artists for that. But this time we focused on the recent rebellions; their roots as well as their outcomes. It’s also very interesting, of course, but there are still many aspects of UK Hip-Hop that deserve attention but remain unspoken at least by us. We really have to revisit UK soon.

Artists featured were Akala, AKS, Blak Twang and Lowkey.

Next week we deal with Colombian Hip-Hop so there’s something to look forward to.

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