20 September 2011

#PEPR | Hip-Hop from Spain

#PEPR - Planet Earth Planet Rap | Spanish Hip Hop by PlanetEarthPlanetRap

Last week #PEPR looked into Spanish Rap. Not just Rap in Spanish in general, but from Spain in specific.  

Nach – Amanece from the album Un Dia En Suburbia 
Toteking – Empezamos from the album Un Tipo Cualquiera
Nach - Rap Mental from the album El Mejor, Nach
Nach - El Juego del Rap featuring Zpu from album Un Dia En Suburbia

You can also listen to the show from Rapstation.com.

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#PEPR - Planet Earth Planet Rap is a segment in Chuck D's And You Don't Stop! radio show on New York's WBAI on FM and online at Rapstation.com. The programme is first aired on Friday nights from 8-10 pm EST. #PEPR looks at Hip-Hop as a global movement stopping over at various countries to get a taste of how the truly worldwide art form  is used as a means of expression in various social and political context. You can listen to all of the episodes from Rapstation.com or from the PEPR page on this blog

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