5 September 2011

Planet Earth Planet Rap | African Renaissance in South Africa

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Last week PEPR explored South African Hip-Hop.

South Africa is very close to our hearts; its even PEPR's Amkelwa's homeland, so in order to do justice to it, we decided to do not one, but two episodes on it back to back. The first one deals with the African identity and celebrating it with one's own home language. The episode is titled 'the African Renaissance'.

Playlist for this episode:

1. Driemanskap - Camagu (from the album Igqabhukil' Inyongo)  Pioneer Unit 2009
2. Zuluboy - Iqiniso (from the album Inqolobane) The CCP Record Company 2008
3. Jaak - 63 000 (Exclusive first time play) (from the forthcoming album Galant) Pioneer Unit 2011

   Planet Earth Planet Rap | South Africa part 1 - African Renaissance by mikmikko

This week on PEPR South African rappers using English to communicate to the whole land and beyond. That one will be up at the end of the week.

Copyright disclaimer: We do not own the rights to the songs played here. All of the songs are being played because they are great songs and we wish to recommend them to the people around the world. If you are an owner of any intellectual property here and you find this an unfair deal then let us know and we take the audio down and reupload as if you never existed.

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