21 October 2011

A few Fela Kuti links

Fela Anikulapo Kuti seems to be a topical artist these days. Of course he's always had his following, but the Broadway musical about him has made a fair few new people aware of his art and his politics. I recently read Carlos Moore's Fela: This Bitch of a Life book so I have thought about him a lot, but I have been a fan of him for years. Not since the childhood or anything like that, but for well over a decade, and not that I need any evidence, but I actually have some, since in 2004 my comment on him was published as a part of the New African magazine's 100 Greatest Africans poll. It wasn't a great insight - I admit - but perhaps being from Finland was exotic enough to be published.

Fela Kuti in New African magazine 100 greatest Africans of all the time

Here's a short video clip I enjoyed a lot and below it, an Afropop Worldwide radio programme which focuses mainly on the Broadway musical on Fela, but actually covers a bit more than that. I thought it was really nice listen so press play or download it why don't you.

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