20 October 2011

John Pilger's 'Apartheid Did Not Die' (1998)

Train to town

One of my favourite journalists and a very special human being John Pilger has made most of his life work as far as documentary films and special reports go freely available*. It's all on his own website and to study all of that will take a good long time, but today I watched this report from South Africa called Apartheid Did Not Die (1998), and while a lot has changed, a lot has remained the same. I found it to be very interesting as much of the journalism from the time in South Africa was focusing on nation building and telling the story of the struggle and internationally I guess everyone wanted to jump on the feel good boat, but Pilger doesn't roll like that. He asks good questions and highlight issues that are still relevant and still not dealt with. I'd say struggle continues, but in the words of Fela Kuti, I don't want the struggle to continue - the struggle must end successfully. It all got me a bit melancholic to be honest with you. Especially since I have been reading Frantz Fanon recently and my mind wonders whether his uncompromising approach to decolonising would have been needed in South Africa. Or is that still on its way. The only thing that is for sure is that I am not even in a position to speculate on that, but I wish - for whatever it is worth and as na├»ve as it sounds  - that some solution is found before the people will not wait any longer.

*freely available with a good internet connection.

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