16 October 2011

New Lowkey album is out.

Lowkey has just released his new album Soundtrack to the Struggle. It’s been coming for a while and many of the albums 26 tracks (20 songs six skits) have been heard and seen as videos already – even here on this blog – but finally now, we have the real thing; the full album.

I can’t say anything in detail about it yet because I don’t have it. I pre-ordered it, but the download hasn’t yet come through, so let me just recollect how I first came across of Lowkey and his art.

There used to be a really cool music magazine in UK called Undercover and besides great written content the complementary promotional was most often pretty amazing. I found a lot of great music from there and Lowkey was one of those artists besides at least Sway. His song Let Me Live was on one of the Undercover mix CDs (although the music wasn’t particularly mixed). After that I went and bought myself two of his three mixtapes Key To The Game vol. 2 and vol. 3 and I might also remind here that Key To The Game vol. 3 was selected as the album of the year 2006 on this blog. Dear Listener which was the album before the new one was also pretty big and a crucial part of our family’s Cape Town soundtrack – it was the one album that all three of us absolutely loved.

But have a look at the brand new video above; it’s for the song Hand On Your Gun and remember that Lowkey exists outside of all major labels. He has done it all by himself, with his people and his fans so even purely for that achievement he deserves your support. Or at least mine. He definitely gets my support.

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