7 October 2011

Woody Allen collection

Woody Allen collection
Photo: On one hand our Woody Allen collection is modest; it's not that many films in general or even specifically from Allen's filmography, but then again, for one film maker it's quite a few when you think about it.

There’s a lot more to a person than their online personality suggests. Of course there is. Or perhaps some people are able and unashamed enough to bare it all, but even then often the mistake is made that it matters to people in numbers that this has happened. Sometimes things go in cycles; one focuses on one thing for now, but year ago the balance was different and so it will be again a year from now. I know I often focus on raw street music and an occasional act of banging keyboard to depressurise, but rarely some of the other things I am quite keen on. Like films. 

Nearly everyone likes films and it takes little to have an opinion about them. To like films is like to like breathing air. Or to like music, which is of course even more common... well, thing to like, but me and my wife are quite keen on Woody Allen films. What makes him in specifically a great film maker to like is the fact that his back catalogue is ridiculous and he’s been banging out these classics of American cinema pretty much one every year since the 1960’s. Not each and every one of his films is amazing, but quite a few are really great. I am not going to pretend that I have anything particularly insightful to say about his way of making films and I am sure enough has been said by people much cleverer than me, but I have been happy to read Woody Allen on Woody Allen interview book where Swedish cinema professional Stig Bj√∂rkman talks to Allen and they go through large amount of his work film by film. It has added a lot to the experience.

So far we have seen over thirty films by him and we own twenty five of them, but there is so much more to go. So there, this is one of the lighter hobbies we have, even if the films occasionally are heavy. And by that I mean both heavy as in deep and heavy as in great.

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