20 November 2011

Congolese Hip-Hop (DRC) | #PEPR

This week on Planet Earth Planet Rap we were paying respect to, talking about and playing Congolese Hip-Hop. The show is available on Rapstation, so have a listen and here’s also the videos for the songs played.

First song was by Lexxus Legal featuring LeslyMan and Pitcho – Fauch├ęs

Other song of the week was collaborative track by Salaam Kivu All Stars. The song is called Saisir l'avenir (Seize the future) and you can read a bit more about it from the Africanhiphop.com.

As a bonus here is a wonderful short video giving some context to the music of Lexxus Legal.

Last additional link; here is a great bank of knowledge on DRC - Friends of Congo.

This week special thanks to Tom from Africa is a Country blog who was helping with the music selection.

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