10 November 2011

A few songs

While many exciting albums, mixtapes and videos seem to be on their way, as if out of nowhere yesterday the song above - Natty's Change remix featuring Akala, Mic Righteous and Alborosie who has collaborated before at least with Blak Twang - came into my life via Twitter. I was unable to turn it off, so even though it's been featured in many blogs already, I put it once more here just so you don't miss it.

The video below has also been featured in many blogs; it seems that a few weeks old video is already a bit of old news, but regardless of that, the song is cool so have a listen and check out the wonderful video from a place warmer than Helsinki this morning when I had to get my winter jacket out. It's legendary African Hip-Hop crew X Plastaz from Tanzania repping the Maasai and beyond. The song called Africa features Fid Q & Bamba Nazar.

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