31 December 2011

Holiday Greetings

On the road

It's good to have a bit of holiday and be on the road again. I won't write much now, but have a happy new year and in the meantime there are a handful of photos - mainly of Robert Sobukwe museum - available in my Flicr site.

22 December 2011

This is what it sounded like

I like the end of the year lists on blogs. Or rather, I like the end of the year lists on blogs I like. In the end of some of the earlier years I have also made some of them for music and even for films and such, but this year I have decided against it. Alternatively I have prepared a small mix where I have collected some of the sonic highlights of my 2011. It has been a great year for music and I am certain I have forgotten tons of great songs that had their rightful place here, but such is life. One year I might start making notes since the January so I will know exactly what to include, but that year the mix might be several hours long. This one is just over 40 minutes. Have a listen.

1.   IntroMa-B featuring Redondo from the mixtape Beats & Rhymes (South Africa)
2.    Roma Meticcia Assalti Frontali from the album Profondo Rosso (Italy)
3.    Ts’epe Kommanda Obbs from the album Ts’epe (Lesotho)
4.    Straight Outta London – Wiley from the mixtape Creating a Buzz (United Kingdom)
5.    Force et HonneurNessbeal from the album Sélection Naturelle (France)
6.    Passop – Manqoba featuring Driemanskap from the EP The Winner (South Africa)
7.    FolkmordsmiljonärPromoe (Sweden)
8.    TestimonyLogic and Last Resort featuring Shadia Mansour and Elz from the album True Talk (United Kingdom)
9.    Ese Soy YoSociedad FB7 from the album Momentos (Colombia)
10. Reign of FireGenesis Elijah from the EP I Ain’t Even Charging Bruv (United Kingdom)
11. Terrorist part IILowkey featuring Crazy Haze from the album Soundtrack to the Struggle (United Kingdom)
12. IngomaKanyi from album Intombizifikile (South Africa)
13. Out of HKI (Lotsaless & Nada Blend) - Lunace vs. Gracias (Finland)

Click links for videos and downloads, enjoy the rest of the old year and have a great new one.

The end of the year mix is on its way

I am pretty sure that no one is as excited about this as I am, but tomorrow I will upload my end of the year mix where I have collected some of my favourite tunes from the last twelve months and mixed them together with my very rusty DJing skills. But it’s all good; I think it makes great listening nonetheless. Then again, I would think that wouldn’t I. 

While you are impatiently waiting for this masterpiece – as I am sure you are – have a look at yet another brand new music video from that Logic and Last Resort album True Talk. This is the title track and one of the songs I mentioned for you to be on a lookout for in my previous blog post.

19 December 2011


A few weeks ago I featured a song from the now brand new Logic and Last Resort album True Talk in our Planet Earth Planet Rap radio segment. It was for that reason that I received a press copy of this album and I have been listening to it for some time now and I can tell you that it is a one great album. True Talk has got several repeat-one-worthy tracks and practically no skip-worthy ones. There’s a new video for the song Essence and it’s a nice one – an ode to UK Hip-Hop – but really the ones you need to check from this album are the ones that feature Shadia Mansour, Lowkey and Klashnekoff (two of the latter make a cameo appearance on this new video). I admit, I was very surprised but in the last weeks of 2011 a new contester for the album of the year arrived. How great is that. 

14 December 2011

Soundtrack and visuals to the Struggle

Here’s a brand new video for Lowkey’s Soundtrack to the Struggle, which is the title track from his recent album. All independent, Lowkey has taken an interesting direction in promotion; in collaboration with Global Faction he’s made music videos for most of the songs from his album, and these videos have been leading his campaign with millions of views and with his message I more than welcome that. Here’s the full track list of the album with links for the already existing videos (some are still on their way).

3. Voices Of The Voiceless ft Immortal Technique
5. Skit 1
8. Dreamers ft Mai Khalil
9. Skit 2
11. Skit 3
13. Skit 4
15. Everything I Am
16. Skit 5
18. We Will Rise ft Sanasino
19. My Soul
20. Skit 6
21. The Butterfly Effect
24. Haunted ft Mai Khalil
25. Terrorist? Part 2 ft Crazy Haze & Mai Khalil

10 December 2011

Prophets of Rage

I highly recommend this Public Enemy documentary The Prophets of Rage. This programme was originally aired yesterday (Friday 9.12.2011) on BBC 4 so it’s fresh, and it has good insight and interesting interviews even for someone like me who as a big fan has read and watched whatever is available of them.

The link for this documentary is pretty buggy though. At least for me the video kept on ending at random places as if that was the end of the film, but I just refreshed the page and found where it was left and it worked okay in the end.


9 December 2011

#KnowledgeIsPower part 2 (at least)

Some time ago UK lyricist and all-around intellectual Akala did a freestyle on BBC’s Radio 1Xtra and as I linked it here on this Welfare State of Mind blog, I made a mention in Twitter that it was like a lecture. This time I am linking an actual lecture (or 20 minute TEDx presentation at least) by him and I really recommend you to check it out. This is no ordinary rapper and when he says #KnowledgeIsPower he means it. Here Akala talks about not just his work with Hip-Hop Shakespeare company, but the philosophy behind it. Quite refreshing altogether.  

7 December 2011

The Girl has Come

Here’s a brand new music video by Cape Town’s Kanyi. I have heard her being referred to as the first lady of Spaza Hip-Hop, which probably isn’t even arguable after she delivered one of the highlight verses of Driemanskap’s township anthem S’phum’eGugs. Her album Intombizifikile (which in English means the girls have come) should be out at some point and this is the first video and song from it. The track is called Ingoma and you can download the MP3 from her ReverbNation profile.  

As a side note; I am also happy to see Anele Matoti doing a small acting role in this video. He’s an old school friend of my wife – part of that Eastern Cape massive – and he’s been featured in several South African TV productions as well. 

6 December 2011

A bit of music | Klashenkoff is back

I have a bit of a soft spot for Klashnekoff. Many times he comes with big lyrics that are deep and meaningful and other times it's not so serieus. The new album/mixtape FTLT (F*** The Long Talk) is on its way and here's a taster from it. The video is just for a freestyle called Clear My Throat and it seems that he's back with full energy. I have no idea where and why there the video was filmed, but I am glad to be taken back to summer especially since his last video that came out early autumn was a winter one. FTLT will be out early next year.

3 December 2011

African Hip-Hop Radio


African Hip-Hop radio is back and now also very conveniently the episodes are on Soundcloud to be streamed or downloaded. Have a listen to this first new episode. It is playing as I type this and I am enjoying it tremendously. I am also very pleased to see Gracias from Helsinki (born in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo) in the mix. The video for his featured song can be viewed here.

More African Hip-Hop from www.africanhiphop.com

#PEPR | Planet Earth Planet Rap

Chuck D PEPR Tweet 
This week on Planet Earth Planet Rap I was still doing a solo show due to some special arrangements, but next week it’ll be all three of us at it again. Here’s the playlist and the videos for the songs featured this week. Let me warn you about that Logic album – it’s really great and Nessbeal’s Sélection Naturelle is definitely worth your while as well.

1. Nessbeal - Force et Honneur from album Sélection Naturelle (SME France 2011)
2. Logic and Last Resort featuring Big Frizzle, Maverick Sabre and Akala - We'll Never Know from the forthcoming album True Talk (Overstand Music 2011)

Chuck D PEPR Tweet