14 December 2011

Soundtrack and visuals to the Struggle

Here’s a brand new video for Lowkey’s Soundtrack to the Struggle, which is the title track from his recent album. All independent, Lowkey has taken an interesting direction in promotion; in collaboration with Global Faction he’s made music videos for most of the songs from his album, and these videos have been leading his campaign with millions of views and with his message I more than welcome that. Here’s the full track list of the album with links for the already existing videos (some are still on their way).

3. Voices Of The Voiceless ft Immortal Technique
5. Skit 1
8. Dreamers ft Mai Khalil
9. Skit 2
11. Skit 3
13. Skit 4
15. Everything I Am
16. Skit 5
18. We Will Rise ft Sanasino
19. My Soul
20. Skit 6
21. The Butterfly Effect
24. Haunted ft Mai Khalil
25. Terrorist? Part 2 ft Crazy Haze & Mai Khalil

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