22 December 2011

This is what it sounded like

I like the end of the year lists on blogs. Or rather, I like the end of the year lists on blogs I like. In the end of some of the earlier years I have also made some of them for music and even for films and such, but this year I have decided against it. Alternatively I have prepared a small mix where I have collected some of the sonic highlights of my 2011. It has been a great year for music and I am certain I have forgotten tons of great songs that had their rightful place here, but such is life. One year I might start making notes since the January so I will know exactly what to include, but that year the mix might be several hours long. This one is just over 40 minutes. Have a listen.

1.   IntroMa-B featuring Redondo from the mixtape Beats & Rhymes (South Africa)
2.    Roma Meticcia Assalti Frontali from the album Profondo Rosso (Italy)
3.    Ts’epe Kommanda Obbs from the album Ts’epe (Lesotho)
4.    Straight Outta London – Wiley from the mixtape Creating a Buzz (United Kingdom)
5.    Force et HonneurNessbeal from the album SĂ©lection Naturelle (France)
6.    Passop – Manqoba featuring Driemanskap from the EP The Winner (South Africa)
7.    FolkmordsmiljonärPromoe (Sweden)
8.    TestimonyLogic and Last Resort featuring Shadia Mansour and Elz from the album True Talk (United Kingdom)
9.    Ese Soy YoSociedad FB7 from the album Momentos (Colombia)
10. Reign of FireGenesis Elijah from the EP I Ain’t Even Charging Bruv (United Kingdom)
11. Terrorist part IILowkey featuring Crazy Haze from the album Soundtrack to the Struggle (United Kingdom)
12. IngomaKanyi from album Intombizifikile (South Africa)
13. Out of HKI (Lotsaless & Nada Blend) - Lunace vs. Gracias (Finland)

Click links for videos and downloads, enjoy the rest of the old year and have a great new one.

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