30 January 2012

New Music | Genesis Elijah

One of my favourite releases last year was I Ain’t Even Charging, Bruv by UK emcee Genesis Elijah. He’s got a new one out now and it’s called Painkillers and Pilkington. Yes, Pilkington as in Karl Pilkington who isn’t featured in any way although his friend Ricky Gervais is. He’s sampled in the mix, but according to Genesis Elijah he is the only rapper Ricky Gervais follows in Twitter. Who knows, I take his word for it. Have a look at the video and do download this because a few rappers show as much passion as this one.

15 January 2012

#KnowledgeIsPower part III

Akala is back with another online freestyle, although we've barely recovered from the last one. This one is for SBTV's F64 series which he has done already once before, but this time he has a different approach as he does a little bit of storytelling. The basic rule here is that when Akala opens his mouth, we learn. Have a look.

12 January 2012

The end of the last and the beginning of this year in links

It’s a new year again and I am back from the holiday. My holiday was great by the way – thanks for asking – but now I am back starting the new year properly. Before I do that there’s been a lot of linkworthy stuff online while I’ve been away, so let me put it up here.

First off, Mystro’s annual UK Rap Up never disappoints me. In all honesty, in the end of the year besides the one Charlie Brooker does, I only look forward to Mystro’s end of the year review.

If I am being honest I am not too excited about this next video – not a huge fan of guns and such – but I do like the song. A lot. It’s from that Logic and Last Resort album I’ve been going on about recently.

Nice free download by Agent of Change aka DJ Mutiny Get Your Hands off Africa. The song samples some Fela Kuti and features Marcel Cartier, Akala and Nana D on the vocals.

Cape Town’s Driemanskap is gearing up for their next album Hlala Nam and today I read from the Twitter that there will be even one more video before the release of that from the previous one. I am looking forward to all of that, but here’s a free download by the crew member Ma-B.
Lastly, if you don’t know The Quaranteam, you better familiarise  yourself with this free EP.