25 March 2012

Hugh Masekela on restoring the African heritage

Just the other day I was watching the TEDxObserver lecture by UK actor, rapper, singer and now also a director Plan B, and I thought it was both interesting and important even if a bit self-congratulatory; arguably he's more than deserved a right for that. 

Somehow, however, in this process I missed that legendary South African jazz super star Hugh Masekela had also given a speech and a performance in the same event. Have a look at Bra Hugh talking about restoring the African heritage. 

On the same note, I must recommend Masekela's autobiography Still Grazing which he co-authored with D. Michael Cheers. In this book Masekela who has lived polically active life and for a large part having been an exile in the United States talks about the past without the diplomacy of actual politicians, offering the reader a great insight into the feelings and events of the apartheid era even if from outside of South Africa. If you don't mind a few x-rated anecdotes of Jazz version of the Rock'n Roll lifestyle, then definitily this book is worth your time.

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