2 April 2012

Planet Stockholm

This is not a video with computer generated explosions and other apocalyptic visuals; meteorites and floods. It’s just one of those snowy days in Stockholm. I am a big fan of Stockholm of course – I used to stay there even if only for some months, but I, as so many other Finns, have visited this city quite a few times anyway.

But more than the video – which I watched only once – I can’t turn the song off. A beautiful song by Ken Ring who does this kind of thing really well. He does the occasional aggie track really well also, but with these mellow, melancholic even, tracks he’s just brilliant.

And it’s good that he is because he’s about to release an album called AkustiKen which we can only assume to be fully acoustic record. Another taster from the album is this short video of a song dedicated to his Kenyan grandmother… or Mormor as they would say in Swedish.

Download the song Jag Skriver För Er here

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