8 May 2012

A few links

Recently I have mainly been posting videos and music here, but I wanted to share a few links: one for a piece that I wrote for Africa is a Country blog and another one for which I was interviewed... well, I say interviewed, but perhaps it would more accurate to say that my opinion was asked and I gave it and so did many others. In the end though Ts'eliso Monaheng (aka Core Wreckah) did a nice article on using fake American accent in rap music. You know, for non-American rappers in general, but South African ones in specific.

The geo-branding war
Geo-branding is a serious thing. It is particularly serious when people from other geographic areas decide to brand your geographical area and the people in it, the way they see fit and the way that fits their purposes. No other country, region or continent, I’d argue, suffers from other peoples’ nonsense as much as the continent of Africa. Read more...
This piece was also reposted on the Migrant Tales blog, which is - I'd say - the most important progressive Finnish blog about immigration and many issues around it.

Fake American accents
“In defence of artists who ‘sound American’, when I first started rapping, I had a fake East Coast accent,” said Slug of the group Atmosphere at an Urban Music Workshop leading up to the Cape Town International Jazz Festival. Read more...

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