23 May 2012

#KnowledgeIsPower part 4.

One of my definite favourite artists Akala is about to release his new mixtape Knowledge is Power vol. 1. next week. I have pre-ordered it and eagerly also wait for the bonus download that has been promised to accompany it. It’s all very exciting and now there’s the first video and full song available to be heard (snippets have been online already). This mellow track – quite emo actually – features Selah who was also featured on Akala’s classic first, and also MOBO award winning, album It’s Not a Rumour. I genuinely enjoy this song and its message is very important, but then again these are the two things I have come to expect from Akala.


Bonus | Akala did another Fire in the Booth for BBC's Charlie Sloth recently and I didn’t post it here, partly because half of my posts seem to be about him already, but have a look and listen here. The first part was posted in this blog earlier.

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