25 June 2012

Some music

This year has been quiet blog wise. That’s alright; no need to always update as the focus in life sometimes changes - it can easily change back anytime. I even missed my blog anniversary – seven long years of this my friend. It has indeed been a while. But summer is on here and I wanted to link a few videos for you to enjoy.

The Megaphone State album is great – I have said this many times already – but here actually is the first music video by the group. My city looks nice, doesn’t it.

This is a remix that was specifically made for sixth of June i.e. the Swedish National day. Well, not everyone agrees on the meaning of Swedishness and a group of top Hip-Hop emcees are giving their views on this video. We also featured this song recently on our Planet Earth Planet Rap radio segment.

Here’s another song we played on our radio show. It’s a June 16 celebratory song from South Africa. Various artists – some stronger than others - made this track but unfortunately not all of them are featured on these visuals. Notably, none of the Cape Town artists make appearance. What can you do - it's a huge country. Still, have a look.

You can also listen to another South African Youth Day commemoration project by Motif records – this is a 18 minute mini-mixtape with many other and some of the same artists.

Lastly – and this is so exciting – a brand new single, with no actual video out yet, by the mighty Public Enemy. The new album is out soon. 

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