29 December 2012

2012 in songs

Much like last year, I have decided against an end of the year list - I think there are enough of them as it is - and prepared a small musical mixdown instead. I am not promoting myself as a slick DJ who only speaks with his hands. I mainly speak with my mouth, but I do hope you enjoy. These songs have certainly meant a lot to me during this calendar year.

1.     The Evil Empire Of bPublic Enemy (USA)
2.     Irreversible bYoussoupha (France / DRC)
3.     Bars bGracias (Finland)
4.     Heroes b4DLS (Ben Sharpa & Pure Solid) (SA)
5.     Redescends Sur Terre bPitcho (Belgium / DRC)
6.     Psalms bGenesis Elijah (UK)
7.     Power Cut bSynik Ft. Metaphysics, Jnr Brown, M.C. Chita (Zimbabwe)
8.     All Black Everything bBig Frizzle (UK)
9.     Makaa Maka bM.Anifest (Ghana)
10.  Do It Like bKlashnekoff (UK)
11.  Intergalactic Crew bHipe Ft. Various Artists (SA)
12.  Children Of VLA by The Megaphone State (Finland)
13.  Message bAkala (UK)
14.  Tystas Ner (Rmh Remix) by Stress Ft. Sebbe Staxx, Malcolm B, Nimo, Promoe, Moms, Adam Tensta & Aleks (Sweden)

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