Who's this?

Sometimes people say about the author, but in the spirit of Michel Foucault, I am not really the author of the text here. I wrote it, yes, but I can hardly claim that these ideas originate from me – most of them I’ve learned either from other people or from my experiences. All the ideas here are building on various traditions  and I am, and have been one small link in those continua. I’ve seen, heard, read and been told, it has filtered through my own experiences and practices, I’ve thought and theorised based on the thoughts of others’, I have interpreted, summarised and structured ideas around a bank of knowledge. I am not the banker – I only have an account.

I’ve been involved with radio for over a decade. After having done my first broadcasts on what could only be described as a community station, although it officially isn’t one, I hosted and produced a daily evening show on hit radio station in my home country, Finland.

In England I worked as technical operator and a member of the promotional team for a rock station as it was being launched. This I did while studying my BA and Honours Degrees at the University of Central England (now known as Birmingham City University). 
I’ve worked and volunteered for a few years for one of the Africa’s oldest community stations.

I’ve co‐ran an audio production company that produced documentaries and other content for SAfm amongst others.

I produced labour news for SABC’s Channel Africa and several other African Public Broadcasters.

At the University of Cape Town I have taught radio students as well studied for my Masters Degree.

I’m a blogger and a keen photographer.

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